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Vorakit Jittavisuthikul [views : 1474]
Date : 12 November 2015
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October Report 2015
First week, The marching band season is over, so I started to move to concert band instead (still in the percussion section).
Second week, My 1st host parents (Kurtz) have to go to a very long meeting, and I've got to stay with the 2nd host family (Anderson). They have different style of living, the 1st family is a sports family, but the 2nd family is the musical family. And I like both of them.The Anderson has one kid, Jacob, he's kind of funny-ish annoying but he's nice.
The last week of October,I've start to editing (Photoshopping) in Digital Imaging class. It's fun. And on Halloween, I dress up for Scout (A popular video game character). Everybody was surprise!That day, we have a rock band concert at the BEAN 13:9 (a coffee shop), I was fun and so many funny costumes.
I'm having a good time here. Everyone is so nice to me.
-- -- By --Vorakit Jittavisuthikul

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